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If you’re a brand and looking forward for a Influencer Marketing Agency in Kolkata with a network of Kolkata's leading content creators who can knit the correct story for your brand, then DRIN is here to grow your brand with creative and unique online campaigns.

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Digital Rosogulla Influencer Network is a brainchild of one of the leading Digital Marketing Agency in Kolkata Named Digital Rosogulla. If you’re looking for an influencer marketing service in Kolkata to connect with the best influencers who can get your objectives met at the right time and premium quality of output.

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Viral Content Alert! Yes if you’re looking for solutions where you’re getting a perfect blend of Marketing and Viral Spice

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Crafting Influencer marketing Strategy

Multi Cuisine Campaign For You

How we serve our most ordered Campaigns
A Cup of Promotion & Shoutout

In this Campaign we have a bandwidth of regular promotion from relevant pages and micro influencers

Strategy Pizza

In this you get a thin crust strategy, loaded with cheezy engagement along with customized shoutout toppings

Maha Campaign Platter

In this our social media chef’s personally cook customized campaigns as per your requirement and serve it at the right time

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Top-notch Influencer Marketing Services in Kolkata

Branding Buzz

In this, we will get all the shoutout pages and nano influencers to showcase all your products or services to create hype.

Robust Shoutout

We will help influencers receive shoutouts from brands and fan pages which help to build their Strong social media presence.

Campaign Curation

We have Marketing Wizards who can suggest, guide and execute a customized campaign for you guys.

Budget Optimisation

If you’ve just started your business and looking for a budget optimized campaign for your brand we got it ready.

Quality Collaboration

We provide the best collaboration deals for you and with great ROI from each collaboration.

Niched Influencers

Every brand has different niche products, and every brand requires different influencers. We've got everything covered.

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If you’re looking for the right influencers and tired of doing hefty research nothing to worry just contact DRIN, the best influencer marketing agency in Kolkata, and start to grow your brand with successful influencer campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Influencer marketing is an effective strategy that takes advantage of the popularity and authority of people who have built sizable followings on various social media platforms in the world of contemporary digital marketing. In order to market goods, services, or brands to their interested audience, this method entails working together with these influencers. The idea is to use influencers' relationships of trust and respect to increase the visibility and effectiveness of marketing initiatives.  

The Influencer marketing company in Kolkata’s Emerging Landscape!

Affinity for culture, art, and creativity is reflected in Kolkata's digital environment.  Influencer marketing companies are using the attractiveness of regional influencers who connect well with Kolkata's varied population in a city noted for its strong sense of community. These firms understand that working with influencers who are familiar with the local scene may result in ads that are more relevant and real, which will help build trust between companies and their target audience.

 An influencer is an asset and sometimes can also be a liability just because of wrong selection of niched Influencer so hence, you should always select correct Influencer for your brand whether it’s a jewellery brand or else apparel brand or Food Business. So being one of the leading Influencer Marketing Agency in Kolkata we give you simple three steps for selecting the right for your brand: 

  • Always be precise about your brand: Establish your objectives and target market. What do you want to accomplish by collaboration with an influencer? Are you trying to enhance revenue, lead generation, or brand awareness? You may begin to focus on your target audience after you are aware of your objectives. Whom are you hoping your campaign will reach?
  • Get correct influencers for yourself :- Consider their following size, engagement rate, and specialisation while studying influencers. There are several methods for identifying
  • Clear Communication :- Every Influencer has a different mode of communication and it’s important to clarify your objectives and right targets needed to be communicated. And while the campaign is going, keep on tracking records.

So now if you’re still bothered about the complications you can simply hand over to us as a Influencer marketing company in kolkata we got your taste and we can make this strenuous process and make it go easy.

There are different types of Influencer Marketing of some of the popular ones are:

a) Sponsored Post - The most popular form of influencer marketing strategy is sponsored posts. Influencers are compensated by brands to produce material that advertises their goods or services. Blog entries, social media updates, or even videos might be used as this material.

b) Giveaways and Shoutouts - Giveaways and competitions are fantastic methods to increase interest in and interaction with your company. Influencers may spread the word about your giveaway or competition to their followers, which can increase brand recognition and help you draw in new clients.

c) Affiliate Marketing - The influencers in this sort of performance-based marketing receive a fee for each sale they bring in. This may be a very effective strategy to increase traffic to your landing pages or website and increase sales.

And many more… there are different types of campaigns influencer Marketing what you are looking for that’ s the real deal.