Why should a brand hire an influencer marketing agency in Kolkata?

In the hustle of viral content we all are chasing the algorithms but often fumbling with fewer views or unable to catch the right set of audiences ending up with a loss of Money. But Campaign results are zero. And that’s where we as DRIN come in as an influencer Marketing Agency in Kolkata.


Beyond Bengali Potato fritters! What else does Kolkata offer?

Kolkata always knows how to feed every person with variety. As every person has unique taste palates, there are different sets of people consuming all kinds of content across the internet. It is extremely important to understand and get the right set of people for your brand so it can contribute to the formulation of your brand’s sales funnel. In Kolkata, there are a variety of Influencers but as a brand, it gets difficult to manage so many things that were DRIN one of the leading influencer marketing agencies in Kolkata. Hence it is important to understand, if you’re targeting the audience of Kolkata, that connecting with the emotions is extremely important, that helps your content to fly through multiple screens.

How to Prepare Bengal Biriyani Campaigns with Your Brand?

Everyone around the globe who has tasted the Biryani of Bengal has understood the taste and value of Potato and the blend of Biryani spices and Meat getting melted once it’s going down the mouth. Every gulp is equivalent to a smile. Hence it’s important to understand every Campaign should have the right proportion of Brand, Story, and other important factors if you’re looking down the lane to place your product or service in the hearts of Bengal.

These are the steps you should follow to get the right blend:

Whom to serve your dish: If you’re running a campaign and planning a great influencer activity! It is important to align the group of audience with the audiences of the influencers otherwise it will be difficult to form a strong retaining audience base.

Freedom to Chef’s: If there is no freedom provided to Influencers then it will all be down to cooking from a recipe book, hence it’s a must to hear out what influencers have to say about their scripts and their idea about the content.

Campaign Tracking: Every meal has its way of getting cooked and for making it happen just at the right time it’s very important to always have a check on what the campaign is leading to and what are the expected ROI’s.

Where do you go and get stuck?

It has been a serious issue always faced by brands that where to start and how to and how to execute a campaign hassle-free. First of all, it’s a myth that there is something enormous if you’re planning and there will be no hustle at all. So manage that DRIN one of the elite amongst other influencer marketing agencies in Kolkata stands out for its extensive services towards Brands. Flexible budget systems and exclusive brand networks. Some of the hurdles every brand faces while influencer marketing agency:

Getting Right Influencer for Right Campaign – Every Influencer is not applicable for every Campaign so the biggest trouble for every brand is to get the right influencer. But an agency always helps in this kind of situation.

Analyzing Inflated Followers and False Engagement – In recent cases it has been greatly spread in terms of Inflated followers or Fake Followers for their profiles which leads to false engagement and which leads to false lead push. Hence this leads to a drop in Sales.

Management of Campaign – In managing a campaign it is a hectic job calling an influencer managing stories, managing content level and campaign management. Hence Influencer Marketing agencies are extremely Important.

These are some most difficult hazards that get hiccups for the brands for execution purposes.

Why Should a Brand Hire an Influencer Marketing Agency in Kolkata?

I know brands and Influencer Marketing Agency work hand in hand. It always helps to curate the brand objective. As an agency it is completely the responsibilities lie on the Influencer hence Brand these are the following reasons why you should hire an Influencer Marketing Agency especially if you’re planning to run a campaign in Kolkata: –

A Flat drop of Cost:-  An agency ensures there is no cost leakage in the whole process while running and executing the Campaign, hence it is very important to understand for the brands out there looking at a cost-simple solution for an Influencer Marketing Campaign, agency is the best solution for them.

Local Connect: – As an agency is primarily located in the city where they are targeting to onboard the influencers hence it creates a pre-existing relationship with the influencers which helps to establish the brands trust into influencers and it causes because it has local connect.

Language Barrier should not be an Issue – If you’re looking for running a campaign to be executed in states like West Bengal, Tamil Nadu etc language is a big barrier always takes place for the brands hence it is important to hire a local agency who helps to understand the quality aspect for the brand and also make sure it works same for the Influencers.

Support and Management: – A brand gets a lot of relief once there is on ground support and management available for the influencers and it also helps to make sure there is a lot of transparency between the whole process.

These are some of the great advantages a brand and Influencer enjoy if there is an Agency helping to initiate and execute the whole process.

So What are we suggesting Now?

Now you’re filled with all sorts of Suggestions and completely confused as to how to start, then nothing to worry, just follow basic steps or just take a shortcut. We will make things easy for you because we are not just influencer marketing agencies in Kolkata we are a community who grows prosperously.

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